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Rui Quinta

Managing Partner - With Company

Hi, I’m Rui Quinta and I’ve Co-founded the fish shop Peixaria Centenária, the space experience design studio, Toyno and With Company, a Lisbon based transformative design company, from where I try to help others better everything.
I’m an invited lecturer of Strategic Design, Creativity and Innovation at ISEG and I also teach Design Management and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Since 2012, I’ve been coaching teams on Design Thinking and Innovation with the Hasso PIattner Institute Academy from Berlin.

I haven’t lost the taste for big audiences and I love to develop content about the things I’m most curious, passionate or knowledgeable about. As a result of that, I’ve been frequently assigned as a speaker. Some stages where I had the most fun:

- From Branding a startup to a startup ecosystem - BCreative Tracks - Seoul
- Designing the ways out of boredom - StartupGuide - Berlin
- The age of ageing - Bayer/ImpactHub - Lisbon
- Anxiety. Living a Hypertiny life - Creative Mornings - Lisbon
- Cross-Disciplinary innovation - BCreative Representative - Shanghai
- Designing the conditions to design everything - TEDx - Lisbon
- How can we use our past to design a better future - IDW - University of Zaragoza
- One can be diverse - Designing Tomorrow's Organisational Cultures - Lisbon
- Digital participatory design - Ouishare Fest - Paris

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